Many moms today who are looking after their children and staying at home are considering a work at home job or a home-based part-time business. However, the problem that work at home moms often face is that they do not have a lot of time. Another consideration is money.

It’s been a real challenge for work at home moms engaging in traditional home-based businesses, such as craft-making, sewing, etc. Today, the Internet has opened thousands of possibilities for wok at home moms – possibilities that weren’t available a decade ago.

The Advantages of an Online Business

Work at home moms can solve many of their problems by setting up a home-based business on the Internet. Online businesses can help work at home moms earn extra income without taking your time away from your kids. With an online business, your schedule will still be flexible enough to allow you to take the children to school and then collect them in the afternoon. You can even continue helping them with their homework!

For many work at home moms, an online business gives them the flexibility that would otherwise not be afforded to them if they worked for a regular company. All you have to do really is to work a few hours during the day or grab opportunities when they arise. For instance, if you’re the writer type, you can start writing your articles at the swimming pool while your children have their weekly swimming lesson. This is the kind of flexibility that the Internet can afford to work at home moms like you.

The Things You Need

As with all businesses, an online business needs a few requirements in order for you to get going. The initial requirement for this type of business is self-confidence. It is essential that you, as a work at home mom, have the confidence that you can be successful regardless of your experience with computers or the Internet. Another vital trait that you need to have is persistence. Every business is a risk and there is a possibility that you may not succeed the first time. Therefore, persistence, coupled with confidence, is a must if you want to be a successful work at home.

I hope to provide you on this website some resources to help you identify a good home business to start and the tools necessary for you to succeed.

Go to any company recruiting or training event or attend any national convention and without a doubt, you will see… women are the driving force behind the direct selling profession.

Let us recognize that men, without question, have and will continue to play a significant role in the growth of the industry. Men bring a much-needed perspective to both the corporate and field level. But the truth is that if your organization mirrors the national statistics published by the DSA, approximately 79 percent of your distributors are women. Why is that?

First and foremost, women are natural networkers, nurturers, and jugglers.

Women are driven by an “inclusive vision” that represents a better life for themselves, their families, their companies and the people within their organizations. Studies conducted by the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance found that above all, women are drawn to direct selling, because it enables them to wear the many hats of individual, mother, wife, leader, friend and successful business person without giving up their most prized possession— their freedom!

Notice that it is not the promise of “big money” or the hype of long-term residual income that brings them “in mass,” rather it is because a direct selling career meets their very real needs, right now, in a personally significant way.

In short, direct selling offers a viable and lucrative alternative that enables women to fulfill their roles, grow as individuals and create financial stability for themselves and their families.

Now, more than any time in history, women are putting their high-powered careers on the back burner and choosing to stay at home with their children. Sadly, this loss of a second income creates a heavy financial burden on most households. In fact, it has been said that 80 percent of all home foreclosures could have been avoided with just $100 per month in additional income— a benefit easily enjoyed by even a part-time direct seller.

Why is this important to you as a leader? Because, according to the US Census Bureau 2000 statistics, there are over 144 million women in the United States, of which only 10 million are in direct selling. We have not yet begun to scratch the surface of possibility! We need to pose a “collective question” and ask ourselves how we can engage more women in the magic of this profession! The DSWA is so intrigued by this vision that they have set as a primary objective to see that more women join the direct selling wave this year than in any year in its history!

Written by Nicki Keohohou

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